iPad Valet FAQ



How do I find out about future ibidmobile.net events?
Once you have successfully completed orientation, we will send you regular update e-mails to let you know what events are available. Use the “sign up” links in these emails to place yourself on the standby list for events that you are available to work. We usually book staff a month in advance of the scheduled event, so let us know ASAP if you want to do an event.

How will I know if I have been booked for an event?
Your regular update e-mail will reflect events for which you are booked, still on standby, or have not signed up yet. Once you are booked for an event, you will also be asked to confirm your shift a week before the event. It is important that you confirm your shift so that we do not replace you on the staff list. Once you confirm, you are not permitted to cancel your shit.

I got an e-mail that said I was on “standby.” What does that mean?
By signing up for an event, you are simply letting us know that you are available. Signing up automatically places you on a standby list, and we will let you know if you have been booked for an event about a month in advance.  Even if you are not booked for an event, you will remain on our standby list so that we can contact you if we need additional staff. You should not show up to an event if you are only on the standby list. You do not get paid if you are on standby, only if you work the event.


What do I wear?
See our staff attire guide.

How do I get to the event?
You are responsible for your own transportation for events in New York City. We will arrange and reimburse travel outside of the city for select events.

Will we receive food at the event?
We try to provide food at our events, but a meal is not guaranteed. As such, it is good practice to eat before you arrive at the venue.

I am vegetarian/gluten-free/vegan/lactose intolerant/etc.
Unfortunately, we have no way to accommodate specific food requests. Please bring what you need to eat or eat your meal before you arrive at the venue.

Can I see the auction items ahead of time?
Yes. We will send out an e-mail with the items before the event. You are expected to study the catalog and have three of your favorite items selected before you arrive at the event.

Can I use my own iPad at an event?
No. We will provide all staff with an iPad that runs the auction system at the event.

What should I do if a guest says that he or she is interested in hiring ibidmobile.net?
Find a manager and bring them to the guest who inquired about ibidmobile.net services. If you cannot find a manager quickly, you may also direct the guests to the registration desk, where a manager will be able to meet with them and provide them with a business card.


Look! It’s Keanue Reeves! Can I take pictures?
Do not take pictures of guests or ask for autographs. We have celebrities and important people at many of our events. Please treat them as you would any other guest.

Can I give out my business card/headshot/resume?
Please do not sell your own services at an event. This is not a personal networking opportunity.

Can I drink?
You may drink water during your shift. Please give your iPad to the Valet Manager or a registration staffer before you get your drink. Please only get water from the area designated by the managers in the event briefing.

Consumption of alcohol before, during or after the event is not allowed and will result in automatic termination.

Can I eat the food at the event?
Do not eat any food that has not been designated as food for ibidmobile.net staff. Do not eat the passed hors d'oeuvres even if they are offered to you. We will let you know when and what you can eat.

Can I use the restroom?
Yes, you may use the restroom during your shift. Before you leave the floor, give your iPad to your valet manager or a registration staffer for safekeeping – do not take it to the restroom.

What if I need to make/answer a phone call at the event?
You may not have your cell phone out on the floor or at the registration desk. Doing so is grounds for automatic termination.

What if I have a personal emergency?
If you have an emergency situation that necessitates leaving the event or taking a phone call, notify your manager immediately. Always give your iPad, logo tag, and hat to the iPad Valet Manager or registration staff before leaving the floor.

Can I use the iPad web browser to find information outside of the bidding app?
No, the auction catalog will provide you with all of the necessary information on the auction items. If you or a guest have additional questions, please submit them through the lot error button or ask your valet manager. iPads are to be used solely for auction purposes and may not be used for personal reasons.

Can I bid on silent auction items?
No, you may not bid on any silent auction items.

Can I work registration?
We are always training new staff for registration. If you are interested in being part of the registration team, please let us know. For each event, the auction manager will determine who works at registration before the event. You will be notified upon arrival if you will be a part of the registration team.

I forget how to do something. What do I do?
We always do a “refresher” at the beginning of a shift. For your first few shifts you will also be paired with a mentor. If you have a question while on the auction floor, discretely step aside and ask your mentor or the iPad Valet manager for help.


I said I could work an event, but now I have a conflict. What do I do?
Let us know as soon as you think you will not be able to work your shift. Barring an emergency, you should not cancel your shift within 72 hours of the event. If you must cancel last minute and do not have a valid reason, you will not be booked for future shifts. The more time you give us to find a replacement, the better. You can decline a shift using the links in any of your regular update emails.

The auction is closed. Can I leave early?
You cannot leave until you are dismissed from your shift. You may be asked to complete other tasks during your remaining shift time. 

I was released early before the scheduled end of the shift. Do I still get paid the full amount?
You will get paid for the full amount of the shift. However, please make sure you are available for the entire shift. We do not allow people to plan to leave a shift early or to come for part of a shift.

What if I am late to an event?
If you anticipate that you will be late to an event, let us know as soon as possible. We expect you to show up on time. If you show up late to your shift, we may send you home without pay, or we may deduct pay for the amount of time that you were late. If you show up late without explanation, you will not be booked for future events.


How do I get paid?
We pay by direct deposit on the third business day of the month. Each payment is for the previous month’s work. (e.g. You are paid on or around April 3 for all of the events you worked in March.) Please provide us with accurate banking information as soon as possible. This information is mandatory to receive payment. Although deposits are processed on the third business day of the month, payments may not reach your account for up to 5 business days thereafter depending on your bank. 

How do I submit my banking information?
There is an “update” link at the bottom of your event update messages. This link leads to a form. Fill out and submit the form with accurate contact information and direct deposit details.

How much do I get paid?
Starting pay is $18 per hour with a 5-hour minimum per event. If you work over 5 hours, you will be paid accordingly.

Can I get a raise/make more money?
Yes! After you have worked 10 events, your pay rate will automatically increase to $20/hour.

Are there performance bonuses?
The iPad Valet with the most points by the end of the shift will be acknowledged in the wrap meeting and receive a $25 bonus. iPad Valets earn a point for each successful bid. Additional points are awarded for each increment the maximum bid is over the current bid price. The higher the maximum bid, the more points you earn.

How does travel pay work?
Travel pay is offered as an incentive for work outside of the New York metro area. It is not intended to compensate you for every minute that you spend traveling to and from a venue. It is set on a per event basis. The amount of extra pay that you will receive for these events is displayed in your update emails. This travel pay will be added to the direct deposit you receive each month.

Will I be reimbursed for travel expenses?
For events outside of the New York metro area, we may require that you take a train to the venue. In these situations, you will be provided with detailed travel instructions. If instructed to buy your own ticket, you will be reimbursed for the cost of the tickets in your next paycheck. We will always let you know how much the train tickets should cost and what you will be reimbursed in advance of the event. Even if you buy your own ticket, you must check in with the travel coordinator at the train station.


Can I make a suggestion?
Definitely! However, please wait until after the event to send us an e-mail with your suggestion. We want to make sure that your idea gets the attention it deserves.

If you have direct feedback about a specific event you are working, please provide this to your manager during the debrief session at the end of the evening.

Can my friend be an iPad Valet?
Absolutely! If you have friends that you trust and think would make good iPad Valets, please direct them to the recruiting website: ibidmobile.net/jobs. Make sure your friends mention that you referred them. They must attend an orientation before they are able to work events.