ibidmobile.net provides staff and technology for iPad, online and mobile bidding at charity fundraisers. Our iPad Valets engage guests and take bids. Guests get instant feedback with bids posted simultaneously to every iPad, the auction website and electronic leaderboards.

Up to four different screens are used.

Silent Auction Leaderboards

  • Shows top bidders, total raised and auction closing time

  • Auction winners posted at auction close

  • Display during cocktail reception and during downtime between event programming


Live Auction

  • Shows live auction lots, picture and current bid

  • Switch to ibidmobile.net feed when first lot is announced

  • If using client slides, switch to ibidmobile.net feed once bidding starts


Paddle Raise Screen

  • Tracks pledge totals

  • Switch to ibidmobile.net feed when paddle raise is announced

  • Keep ibidmobile.net feed until end of paddle raise

textgiving.com Mobile Giving   

  • Guests send messages and pledges via text

  • Messages are displayed onscreen

  • A chime draws attention to screens

  • Switch to feed when speaker announces campaign

  • We will cue you when to cut away


A/V Equipment

ibidmobile.net provides a Mac Mini video feed for screens displaying the auction leaderboards. The Mac Mini computer connects to your A.V. equipment, and we control it remotely over our WiFi network.

Supplied by ibidmobile.net

  • Mac Mini (up to 2 video feeds)

  • Video output: VGA, HDMI or DVI

  • VGA and DVI Dongles


supplied by VENUE or A/V Company

  • VGA, HDMI, or DVI cords

  • AV switcher for multiple screens or additional video sources

  • Preview monitor

  • Power source (120 V)

  • Aux. cable and sound board patch
    *textgiving.com campaigns only

Accepted screen aspect ratios

1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720

1024 x 768