Mobile Giving for Events

Add excitement—and raise more money—at your next event with a mobile phone campaign by During your event, guests will be able to send tribute messages and philanthropic pledges from their mobile phones.

Within moments, their messages appear on the video screen and their pledges are added to the tally. Your donors receive instant recognition for their generosity, which encourages other guests to give spontaneously. Your organization receives unrestricted gifts and the support of many new donors. 

Challenge Campaigns

A popular way to encourage giving is by offering dollar-for-dollar matches from other donors. Challenge campaigns are announced from the podium and a special tally is broadcast onscreen.

No Phone? No Problem

For guests who don’t want to use their phones, accepts pledges and messages at the onsite help desk. The donor’s message will appear onscreen just as if it were sent by phone.

Capture New Donors

More than 78% of people who attend fundraising events are non-donating guests or comps. And more than 91% of those never will become donors. With a campaign, you can convert these prospects into donors at your event, when their interest is at its peak. The donors receive instant recognition, while your organization captures their phone number for future follow-up.

Participate Remotely

Even if your supporters cannot attend, they can still participate by sending in their pledges before the event. Their messages will be stored and presented at the event along with those of your guests. It’s a great way to build a broader base of support.


The donors pay their pledges by check or credit card at the desk, which is staffed throughout your event. They can also pay at Payments are deposited directly into your organization’s account.

Wrap Up

After your event, we will send receipts to all donors by mail or email. We will also contact any donor who did not pay at the event. After the campaign is concluded, we provide a complete copy of all the data collected in standard text files.

Technical Requirements

Our service is integrated into your existing audiovisual setup, and taps into your venue’s onsite Internet access. No additional hardware or software is required. If you require audiovisual services, we have a fully-equipped production company that will provide high quality video and sound services.


All data collected by belongs to your organization and will not be used for any other purpose. The service is provided by Aaron Consulting Company, a professional fundraising firm.

Simple Pricing. No commissions.

We charge a flat fee for our service. With, you never pay a commission on the funds raised at your event.

Base Package @ $3,950

  • 1 Technical Supervisor

  • 1 Customer Service Manager

Add Registration @ $995 | Up to 400 Guests

  • 4 Registrars

  • Additional Registrars @ $350 | One per 100 Guests

All required equipment, and software is included.

What's Included

Before Your Event

  • Dedicated campaign manager

  • Advice on timing and scripting

  • Customize display screens with your logo and event color

  • Program advanced pledges

At Your Event

  • Inbound message review

  • Coordinated presentation

  • Fully staffed checkout

After Your Event

  • Detailed reports

  • Collection calls placed to unpaid pledges