Silent Auction

Silent Auction Timing

At your event, the silent auction can be open for up to three hours, and closes automatically at a predetermined time. The closing time may be extended once for up to 15 minutes, but the extension must be announced to guests at least 15 minutes prior to the extension.

Make sure the speaking program does not run over the close of the silent auction.  Plan to have a 15-minute break (and stick to it) for guests to focus on making final bids. Give guests plenty of warnings as the closing time approaches. Make announcements at 10, 5 and 2 minutes before closing.

Silent Auction Display

How you set up and display the silent auction items can have a big impact on the success of your auction. Here are some key lessons we have learned over the hundreds of auctions we have run.

  • Location, location, location: Yes, the auction tables should be in the way. Make sure that they can’t be missed. Guests are more likely to bid on items they can see and touch.
  • Keep them together: Avoid VIP receptions that separate your big spenders from the auction items.
  • Lighting: They can’t bid on what they can’t see. Be sure to talk with your venue coordinator to make sure the auction tables are well lit. You can clip battery operated LED lights to your the framed descriptions or add table lamps.
  • Categories: Create a flow to your silent auction display. Sort the items into categories like travel, sports, and entertainment. Large category signs help guests find the items they want to bid on.
  • Spread it out: Make sure your auction tables aren’t crowded. Leave at least 6 inches between items.
  • Can I try it on?: When possible, let the guests try on jewelry, accessories, or jewelry. You can also ask volunteers to serve as models for special items.
  • Security: Our iPad Valets are not security guards. If you have valuable items displayed, plan to have volunteers or venue security assigned to watch over the items. 


If you have last minute auction changes or additions, we’ve got your back. The best way to make edits at your event is to send them as text in an email so that no details are missed. Yes, we can even add pictures onsite.


You should have at least one video screen available to display the auction leader board in the auction area. Ideal locations for video screens are behind or above the auction tables, behind the bar, or flanking the entrances and exits. 

If you have multiple screens in the same room, ask your AV provider to tie them to one source. We can provide up to 2 source feeds for no additional fee. (Additional feeds, if required, are available at a cost of $150 each.)

Sponsor Logos

You may submit graphics for up to 25 sponsors, to be displayed on the iPads, online auction website, and leader board screens. The sponsor logos are displayed as banners so rectangular images are ideal. Images may be submitted as JPG or GIF files, 72dpi, up to
468 x 60 pixels.

iPad Valets

Our iPad Valets will mingle with guests at your event while encouraging them to bid. They will be familiar with your auction catalog and recommend items to guests. 

There will also be an iPad Valet manager in charge of all the staff on the floor. This is the point person who will communicate your wishes to the iPad Valets.

Bidding Kiosks

Our iPad bidding kiosks make it easy for guests  to browse the auction catalog and bid at their own pace. The kiosks can be freestanding or set on tables.  

How to bid by web

Guests can bid from anywhere using their computers or smartphones. See how it works at our sample bidding website. 

  1. Create a free account at
  2. Select BID NOW. Enter your maximum bid and select SUBMIT BID. 


Send a text message to the phone number listed on the registration cards and displayed on screens.

Use the format:
Bid [amount] Lot [lot #]
No punctuation required.  

Staff Attire staffers dress in all black attire unless other arrangements are made in advance. Specially requested attire, such as branded shirts or other accessories, must be arranged in advance and provided by your organization. 

Crew Meals

Meals are typically provided 90 minutes before the start of the event, but may be provided at other times as mutually agreed. Please be sure to include water or drinks with the crew meal.