Onsite Registration

At your event, the registration team will greet guests and ask for their names. A registration card is presented with the guest’s table and bidder numbers. Guests have the option to pre-swipe a credit card for the auction, but this can also be required when bidding via our iPad Valets. To keep the registration lines short, we do not request any additional information. The registration desk opens 15 minutes prior to the start of your event.

Online Check-in
Featuring QuickPass

With QuickPass, guests have the opportunity to check in to your event online and have another opportunity to preview the auction. To use this feature, simply submit email addresses along with your guest list the day before your event. The QuickPass invitations will be sent out the same day.

Once checked in, guests will be sent their bidder number, table number, and a QuickPass QR code, allowing them to bypass the registration line. They also have the option to pre-register a credit card and billing address for faster onsite checkout. 

Standard Protocols

Our staff follows standard protocols at registration unless other arrangements are made prior to your event.

  1. Substitutions are permitted

  2. New tickets may be purchased by check or credit card

  3. Balances for pre-ordered tickets are not required

  4. No identification is required

  5. Table changes are cleared with your seating liaison


The registration manager handles guests who do not appear on the registration list or have a problem with their table assignment. Your seating liaison must be available at the registration desk to authorize seating changes or to clear guests who do not appear on the registration list but claim to have tickets. Please note that the registration manager is authorized to make these decisions if your seating liaison is not present at the registration desk.

Submitting Initial Registration Data

Please provide your registration data in an Excel or Comma Separated Value file based on the template provided. The deadline is 2:00 p.m. on the day prior to your event.

Kindly follow these important guidelines when submitting data.

  1. One guest name per record

  2. Use first and last names only, no prefixes or suffixes

  3. Link spouses by listing the full spouse name in both records.

  4. Do not use “guest of” placeholders. Instead, indicate the number of seats reserved in the seats column of each record.

Registration Review

After your registration data is loaded, we will send a registration changes spreadsheet and a printable list for your review. Please spot check this list to ensure that we have imported your data correctly. This list is typically sent by 10:00 a.m. the morning of the event.

Updating Registration Data

Update your guest list using the registration changes spreadsheet, and send it back to us so that we may update our onsite registration system. You may update this list as often as you wish. This is an automated process, so follow the instructions provided with the spreadsheet carefully. 

Onsite Updates

Please submit final updates to the registration manager onsite. We schedule a meeting 90 minutes prior to the start of your event to make these changes. This time is chosen because it is after the registration equipment is set up and tested and before our staff arrives for their pre-game briefing. You may continue submitting updates after the registration desk is open.