Auction Follow-up

Auction Checkout

When your auction closes, we send winner notices to each winner and the checkout desk opens. At checkout, we request each winner's mailing address, phone number, and email address. Payments are accepted by cash, check made out to your organization or by credit card. No credit cards are charged onsite. A redemption ticket is printed for each winning lot along with a summary receipt for the donor. The checkout desk remains open for 90 minutes after the scheduled close of the auction.

Initial Audit

On the next business day after your auction, our staff audits all the data collected at your event. We check the bids and winners and review notes made by the checkout staff. Payments from winners who presented a credit card at registration but did not check out will be counted as paid unless otherwise instructed by you.


We send the first batch of audited reports after the initial audit is completed. The Overview report lists the winner for each lot and highlights useful metrics such as top bidders, active bidders, and popular lots. The Auction Fulfillment report provides more detail on each winner and lot and sorts the auction by who has paid. This report includes a spreadsheet, so the data can be sorted as desired. These reports are typically sent the next business day after your auction.

Winner Notices

We send each winner, who has an email address on file, a notification of what they won along with a link to pay online, if they have an open balance. These notices can be customized with pickup information or shipping policies you provide prior to the event. These notices are sent automatically at the close of the auction, and we will forward any information received about pickup or delivery to you.


It is your responsibility to make arrangements with winners to collect their prizes. Please note that if we do not have a mobile phone or email, the winners may not know they have won. Please contact all winners who did not redeem their prizes at your event.

Check Deposits

We log and scan any checks received at the event and send them to you along with a Deposit report. If cash was received at the event, it will be transferred via a check from us. Deposits typically occur three business days after receipt.

Credit Card Authorizations

Before we process the fist batch credit card authorizations, we will present a list of charges for your review. Subsequent batches will be processed without your review. An Authorizations report is sent to you each time we upload.

Collection Calls

We will make one round of collection calls to any silent or live auction winner who has a balance due. After these calls are completed, we will send an updated Auction Fulfillment report including contact information so that you may decide whether to make your own additional collection calls. These typically begin within three business days of your auction, but only once you have given your authorization and indicated if there are any calls you do not wish us to make.

Payments You RECEIVE

Whenever you receive a payment directly from a winner, please notify our office so that a complete record is maintained for each auction winner and so we can send receipts.


At your request, we will send an additional invoice by email to all winners (or just those you specify.) These include a link to pay online.


We send receipts by email at the close of the project. Please supply values for each of your lots, as this information must appear on the receipt.

Data Transfer

At the conclusion of the project we will send final reports as well as a file containing all contact information we have collected. We retain your data for three years to facilitate future auctions and in the event you require further information about your auction.


Please let us know who would like to receive the auction, deposit and authorization reports.