Setting up your auction catalog is easy with our Catalog Genius web app. As an customer, you’ll be given access to this program to create your catalog. When you're ready to publish, send us your catalog with just one click and we will publish it to the live website.

Getting Set Up

We will send a welcome message to each person with the login credentials and link to the Catalog Genius site.

Working In Catalog Genius

Adding and editing lots is easy, with built in tips, opening bid recommendations, and all required fields. Come across any questions? Your manager will be available to guide you through the process or just hover your mouse over any field to find useful information.




Once your auction has been published to your website, you can make edits to any lot. These changes will automatically be updated on your website. Please note that once the auction is open for bids, you may not change the lot number, opening bid, or increment.


A review site is available to show the auction to anyone without editing privileges before going live. It contains the same information that will appear on your bidding site, in a format designed for quick review.