Catalog Genius

As an customer, you receive unlimited access to our Catalog Genius app, which makes it easy to create your online auction catalog. Your auction manager will also provide training and support. 

Add lot titles, descriptions, images, and more. When you’re ready, send us the data with one click. We will review it and upload it to your dedicated auction website. You can then make changes directly anytime you wish.


We use a standard numbering format for all auctions. All auction items are sorted by category, and each auction category has a separate number set. Live auction lots are numbered 1-99, the next category is numbered 101-199, the following category 201-299…etc.


Depending on the size of your auction, limit the number of categories to 5-10. We recommend listing the top-selling categories first.

Item Descriptions and Titles

Keep the item descriptions and titles concise. Bidders rarely read the entire description, so be sure to include all pertinent information at the beginning of the description. Include all restrictions, blackout dates and expiration dates. We may edit the descriptions for clarity, spelling, grammar, and length.

  • Vacation Packages Specify the number of guests, length of stay, room amenities and if airfare is included.

  • Entertainment/Sports Tickets Specify number of tickets, date, time, venue, section, row, and seat number.

  • Jewelry Include stone cut, color, clarity, and carat weight (listing value is recommended).

  • Art Include title, dimensions, medium, and materials.

  • Children's Items Include age range.

Item Values

You must provide the fair market value (FMV) for each item. This information will be used to generate tax receipts. However, we strongly advise against listing the FMV in your catalog descriptions (except for gift certificates and jewelry), since bidders rarely bid over the stated value.

Buy Now

Use Buy Now pricing for high-end, celebrity experiences, and truly rare items. We recommend setting the Buy Now price at four times the item’s fair market value.

Auction Images 

We can provide stock images for most auction items. You will need to provide images for unique items like art pieces, memorabilia, jewelry, etc. If you are photographing items make sure they are well lit, focused, centered, and cropped. Images must be square; 400 x 400 pixels is ideal. 

Online Bidding

Once you approve the auction content we will publish a website for your guests to preview the auction and start bidding. You can edit descriptions and add new lots anytime.

Auction Inserts

You can print auction inserts to display onsite at the auction from Catalog Genius. We do not provide display frames, but you can purchase them at or other suppliers.